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Posted by Matthew Lardinois on

FYI, I went ahead and tried the batteries over the weekend of the 4th and 5th (before your reply), loaning one to a friend for an application with some extended current draw up to 20 Amps and a few peaks to 25 Amps. I personally used the other battery (where I had a meter in place, one of the RC Battery Power monitors), and observed the following: the peak current recorded was 16 Amps and the lowest that the voltage dropped to was 12.4 volts. A total of 5-6 Amp-hours was 'consumed' over the approximately 5 hours that I used it and the no-load voltage remained above 13.1 volts (fully charged was measured at 13.45 volts).
The batteries held up like champs.
The application where I'm using these is for amateur radio 
I've shared your site and my experience using these with a few other amateur radio operators so maybe I've steered some business your way as I definitely AM presently a 'satisfied customer'.

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