Large Portable Box

Bold North Outdoors

Available for pre-order

Our 12V Portable Power Box gives you portable power on the go. Whether you are fishing, camping, hunting, or emergency situations you can always count on our power box to charge your electronics, give you portable light, run any external 12v component.

**This box is intended for low current draw only. If looking for a box that will draw more than 20A of power please see our Portable Trolling Box. 

Portable Power Box:

  • 4 ​Terminal Posts (20A max draw on 20AH-50AH Battery Only) (10A max draw 10AH-16AH Battery Only) 
  • Dual 5V, 2.1A USB Ports for charging electronics, running USB lights,
  • Battery Meter LED Displays percentage of battery.
  • Marine Socket
  • Two 9-watt Eagle Eye LED lights
  • Master control switch when turned on gives power to all switches
  • Four independent switches that separately controls each feature

    Battery Option: All battery options include a Lithium 2.4A Charger!