Large Portable Box with Glow Cup

  • $109.99

The BNO Glow Cup Battery Box is a great option for the outdoors person that likes to do any type of fishing.  Designed and built like the Large Battery Box, having the abilities to connect up to three batteries in parallel and increase your amps for longer lasting run time. This box adds the extra feature of the glow cup.  The glow cup will charge your jigs to help assist catching those fish.

Portable Power Box Features:

  • 4 ​Terminal Posts
  • Dual 5V, 2.1A USB Ports for charging electronics, running usb lights,
  • Battery Meter LED Displays percentage of battery.
  • Cig Socket
  • Glow Cup to Charge Fishing Jigs
  • Two 9-watt Eagle Eye LED lights
  • Master control switch when turned on gives power to all switches
  • Five independent switches that separately controls each feature
  • 20 Amp circuit breaker to ensure safety of equipment.  Easy to operate with manual reset arm


          14L x 6W x 9.5H


  • Glow Cup Battery Power Box

    Battery Option: All battery options include a Lithium Charger!